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Jason E Kelley

Actor ~ Voice Talent

 Coach ~ Creative


From Second City Hollywood where he co-established the first all-black coed improv troupe in LA's thriving improv scene; to the CBS Diversity Comedy Showcase; to casting in the original theatre production of Kemp Powers acclaimed masterpiece One Night In Miami; to appearances in 85 television and film projects, Jason E Kelley's relentless commitment to the work is the driving force behind his accomplishments.  With an NAACP Theatre Award & voiceover Emmy Award to his credit, he is poised for a career breakthrough with DeathLoop, the highly anticipated Arkane/BethesdaSoft game along with a recurring role on Taylor Sheridan’s Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown.   Many thought him crazy for abandoning a stable corporate career for the ups and downs of entertainment. They weren't wrong. It takes an obsessive belief in a crazy dream to achieve success.  

A husband, new father, traveller, coach, dabbling songwriter, spiritual enthusiast, lover of Harley-Davidson, avid collegiate & Olympic sports fan. Sit with him over a good bourbon and you'll discover his life experiences are far more diverse and surprising than his unassuming demeanor presents.

To write new chapters in your story follow three daily actions: 

Believe Big ~ Do The Work ~ Keep Going

Mastery comes AFTER 10,000 hours




424.277.2333 (LA)


Los Angeles

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212.257.6110 (NY)


New York

TV/Film Inquiries


310.324.9800 (LA)

212.730.4500 (NY)


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