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Jason E Kelley

Actor ~ Voice Artist
 and a bunch of other things.


Having worked primarily in television but recently making a potent foray into video games,  Jason will shun notions of giftedness or talent and chalk his success up to a brutally focused work ethic and determination to carve his own path. A true craftsmen willing to roll up his sleeves, this Virginia native's journey began at The Second City and wound its way to an NAACP Theatre Award, a voiceover Emmy Award and a Golden Joystick Best Performer of the Year gaming nomination. With appearances in 85 television/film projects, 40 national ad campaigns, 3 major game titles and counting he's poised to make strides as a multifaceted player. Currently has 3 animated projects in development as well as a feature film in production due in Spring 2022.

A husband, new father, traveller, coach, dabbling songwriter, spiritual enthusiast, lover of Harley-Davidson, avid collegiate & Olympic sports fan. Sit with him over a good bourbon and you'll discover his life experiences are far more diverse and surprising than his unassuming demeanor presents.

See him next on Mayor of Kingstown and hear him as Pres. Obama on The Harper House both on Paramount+.  In the gaming world he stars as Colt Vahn in the universally praised & highly nominated Deathloop, Doom Slayer in Doom Eternal and Horizon Forbidden West (Feb 2022). 



310.324.9800 (LA)

212.730.4500 (NY)


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